Normalisation: fighting the loudness war

Audio normalisation and the loudness wars

There’s a myth that louder music sounds better. And for some people and genres it’s quite possibly true. Yet since the 80s, audio engineers have continually pushed the envelope of just how loud recordings can sound. It’s great if you’re listening to that latest pop album. But when you’re playing a carefully-curated playlist to your customers and the music disappears? Not so good. Let’s take a look at what’s been dubbed the “loudness war”. Continue reading

Hospitality, Music and its Consumers

The Hospitality Industry is rapidly growing and evolving in Australia, leading to an intensely competitive landscape. Venues need to be leading the way in consumer engagement, to avoid being pushed out of the Industry.

Venue presentation, products and service levels have always aided in consumer engagement, but now, the auditory landscape has become equally important to managing your venues’ bottom line.

People spend a lot of time and effort on the visual aspects of their venue, then they negate their efforts by putting the wrong music on.

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